Electrical design takes on a whole new meaning with boats 30m and up. New opportunities and challenges arise that our expert team will help you meet and resolve. Bass understands and finds solutions to the obstacles that come with coordinating multiple systems that often affect the entire vessel. And in a realm where aesthetic absolutely cannot be sacrificed, Bass is the leader at achieving the perfect combination of form and function.
Case Study: Cakewalk, 281 feet long
The largest megayacht built in the U.S. needed a complex system for their pilothouse that would coordinate their alarm monitoring system with all of their navigation lights.
Megayacht Case Study
The Bass Products Solution
Using PLC controls and custom current sensors, the engineering team at Bass built the Cakewalk’s Nav light panel to Lloyd’s and ABS standards, coordinating the navigation lights with the Cakewalk’s complex alarm system so that when another system fails or a light goes out, the alarm system will be triggered immediately and power will be shifted to secondary lights. The project had to operate on low-draw LED lighting and required a very specific finish – Non-Gloss Onyx Black – on the panel. Other aesthetic considerations included remaking all the bezels in the pilothouse to match. The result was a sleek, elegant look on the surface and a durable, high-function system working beneath it. This project also resulted in the development of a new product that works not only with low-draw LED, but also with standard navigation lights that can be converted to LED later on.

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